Bridal Shower | Christina Sikalias

Styled Glam Grazing, The Gringlish Co

Canapes, The Gringlish Co

Dessert Table, The Gringlish Co & Nobody Hates Cake

Venue & Styling, Melbourne Flower Merchant

Furniture, Harry the Hirer

Captures, Smokey Oscar


Christina’s Bridal Shower was a luscious - Glam affair! Ombre was the brief, drawing from blushes, pinks and, burgundy makeup tones - the venue and florals were styled to boot!

When the venue is a florist itself, one can only imagine the possibilities. High ceilings, green window displays - the scene was set for a stunning outcome.

Staff roamed with Gringlish Canapes, and a few signature Cocktails - whilst guests helped themselves to our precisely styled Grazing Table, enjoying a bit of #gringlishglam wherever they went!

Our never-ending dessert bar, styled to perfection with the talented ‘Nobody Hates Cake’, floated above a concrete counter and added that ‘sweet- sweet’ end to a gorgeous afternoon.

It was a pleasure to be part of this beauty’s special day, thanks again for having us!

- The Gringlish Co


Having Gringlish Co was a no-brainer for me when looking for something with a Greek twist, but a modern-styled aesthetic. Everything they did on the day, worked seamlessley with the vision, and tasted delicious too - and that Grazing table, just WOW!!! Thanks so much team! - Christina & Mark